About Us


What are Fluffels? Fluffels are monsters with a lot of character. Sweet particular characters to be precise. Fluffels are cute, crazy and most of all very irresistible! They are made from very soft material with embroidered face parts filled with poly fill. So they are soft and very huggable! Fluffels are designed by dutch designer Mariska Vos-Bolman. The first Fluffel was created when Mariska got her hands on a sewing Machine.

Mariska Vos-Bolman is a bit of a weirdo! Wherever she is, her fantasy takes hold of her and she starts to think up cute and lovable monsters.. For a long time she kept these ideas to herself, but after finishing school at the University of Arts in Utrecht she got a job at a videogame company. During her time there the monsters in her head just became more and more. She decided to let these monsters out!
Now everyone can enjoy Fluffels!!

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